We guarantee the safety of the products we manufacture, that they will not cause harm to the consumers when prepared and/or eaten according to its intended use. We follow the three (3) keys to safer food:

  1. Keep Clean – All machines, surfaces, containers and workers follow a certain cleanliness standards set by management to ensure sterility of the Tapioca Pearls we produce. All our workers are trained with the proper hygienic practices.
  2. Keep Food at Safe Temperatures – Each ingredient used to manufacture our Tapioca Pearls have different holding time and temperature, and we make sure these are labeled properly. By doing so, it guarantees that all ingredients are stored correctly.
  3. Use Safe Water and Raw Materials – One of the most common causes of diseases is unsafe source of water, and we take this seriously. Before we start any process, we sterilize all materials, especially the water we use.

Bubble Tapioca Specialist Inc. currently holds the GMP standard and is in the process of obtaining the HACCP Certification to ensure our customers that of our products’ best health standards

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