Bubble Tapioca Specialist Inc. began its humble operations in 2009 when we entered as a small manufacturing company with a mission to supply top-quality tapioca pearls to consumers interested in the bubble-tea industry. A decade and a bubble-tea boom later, we’ve grown into a company supplying thousands of stores in the Philippines and oversees, recently opening provincial partnerships across the country.

With hundreds of shops popping up in every corner, the pressure of making a name brand has become more difficult than ever. Since then, we’ve strived to help rising businesses kick start their bubble-tea journey like we once did. Our original products of black tapioca pearls, basic cups and lids, sealing machines and films have now expanded to tapiocas of different sizes, colors and types, jellies and sinkers of different flavors, PP containers of new designs and imported kitchen equipment more durable and compact than ever.

As the growth of this dessert-drink industry boomed over the country, we assure that our quality and service never faltered through the years. Our borax-free tapioca pearls are still one of the few being sold in the traditional market. In fact, as we place our standards of health, cleanliness and quality in the highest regard, we achieved the GMP standard in 2017 and are in the process of applying for the HACCP Certification in the coming years.

Thank you for trusting us with your bubble-tea business all these years!

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